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We Streamline Hiring, Providing Vetted Construction Talent So You Can Concentrate on Expanding.

  • Flexible solution, turn us on/off as needed
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • No inflated recruiter fees. Transparent pricing

Hassle-Free Hiring Done For You

Learn why contractors trust The Contractor Consultants to manage their hiring

  • Flexible solution, turn us on/off as needed
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • No inflated recruiter fees. Transparent pricing

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Our Approach to Your Success

We simplify hiring in construction by matching you with the perfect fit, from tradespeople to executives, streamlining your process.

  • Precision Matching:
    Say goodbye to irrelevant applications. Our vetting process ensures only qualified candidates make it to your desk.

  • Fair Pricing:
    With us, what you see is what you get. No hidden fees, no surprises. Just straightforward, fair pricing that respects your budget.

  • Comprehensive Coverage:
    Whether it's hands-on labor or strategic leadership, we have your hiring needs covered across the board.

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TESTIMONIALS & SUCCESS STORIES Building Success with The Contractor Consultants


How It Works: Our Simplified Hiring Process

  • phone
    STEP 1
    Onboarding Call Initiation

    Schedule a call with our team to get onboarded

  • team-member
    STEP 2
    Candidate Vetting Process

    Our HR team sorts through resumes, thoroughly vets candidates, and does all the admin work

  • interview
    STEP 3
    Final Interview Attendance

    Just show up to final interviews with vetted candidates and decide if it’s a “yes” or “no”

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Schedule a 15 Min Call Today

“As a client of Matt's I can attest to his hiring acumen and overall professionalism. Every contractor should learn to run their operation like Matt DiBara.”

Ward Poulos,Co-Founder

Made by Contractors for Contractors!

Our co-founder is a fourth generation mason - so we know what contractors actually need. We can tell when someone lies about their skill sets or won't fit in with culture, and we also know when we find someone who's ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. We only hire the best labor available.

Let us fix that revolving door and help you get the hires you need to actually grow your business. If you want something done right - get someone who's done it themselves to do it for you!

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Take Control: Learn How with Our Course

Embrace our Contractor Hiring Course to master the hiring process yourself. This comprehensive program equips you with the skills for everything from scouting talent to onboarding, priming your business for growth and success.

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Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your confidence in our service is paramount. That's why we offer an unparalleled 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. We're dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and the best hiring experience possible.

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The Contractor Consultants vs. Traditional Recruiters

Opt for affordability without risk — our monthly retainers replace hefty hiring fees. Secure the right talent, from apprentices to project managers, for any construction role

Traditional Recruiters

Speed of Hiring yes yes
Quality of Talent yes yes
Cost-Effectiveness yes yes
Cultural Fit yes yes
Industry Expertise yes yes
Retention Support yes yes
We Help Our Clients Save Over $800,000 a Month On Hiring.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the service be customized based on our ongoing hiring needs?

Absolutely, our service is flexible and can be tailored to fit different hiring scenarios and roles. And, you can discuss this with your hiring success manager at any given point.

What's the pricing structure of your service?

The pricing structure of our service is that we do everything a recruiter does, but we charge a month-to-month rate. You can have as many hires as you want, you are not pressured into hiring anyone. You are paying for the service to be done at an exceptional level for a very affordable price.

Do we get a say in the new employee onboarding process?

Yes, you provide us with your onboarding packet, and we facilitate its completion by the new hires.

Can you provide additional materials or resources for review?

Of course we can send over materials for your review to help you better understand our services. We can not only send you a video explaining what it looks like to work with us, but I can also send you a 6-minute or a 30-mins supercut of all the different clients that we’ve helped. I can definitely help with that.

What kind of support do you offer once a candidate is hired?

Post-hire, we offer continuous support that we call a maintenance plan, where we continue building up a backbench of qualified candidates in case someone gets injured, gets fired, leaves, any other reason that we all deal with in construction. So that you can fill jobs faster and never worry when dealing with hiring.


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